About Encompassing Therapy

Encompassing Therapy is Singapore’s first independent practice specialising in Existential Therapy for individuals, groups, and corporates.

Through authentic dialogues, we support clients going through life events and transitions that lead them to question their meaning in life.

An All-Encompassing Therapy Approach.

At Encompassing Therapy, we empower you to navigate your life and relationships from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Rather than dwelling on the past, our unique existential approach encourages self-reflection and a broader understanding of oneself in relation to the world.

We help you explore honesty with yourself and confront your experiences—so that you find peace with your past and cultivate stable values that will guide your future.

Our goal is to help you embrace all of life, even with its inherent contradictions.

For it is when you realise you are not destined for a single, predetermined purpose, that you feel liberated and can begin to exist fully in the moment.

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How Encompassing Therapy Began — In the Words of Founder, Dr. Magdalen Cheng

Being Asian and raised in a collectivistic culture, the idea of staying true to ourselves often seemed contradictory.

In my younger days, I had struggled with the concept of authenticity, until I came across existential therapy during my clinical training that changed the way I perceive my Self and the world around me, leading to my transformation into becoming this person who no longer holds reservations in speaking up and expressing herself honestly.

This existential journey became a defining moment in my life, and it steered me to recognise my purpose: to share this transformative power of existential therapy with others.

Fully aware of the career challenges involved in specialising in such a niche and relatively unknown field, I dedicated myself to the practice of existential therapy.

Fast forward to today, I am a UKCP-accredited counselling psychotherapist and founder of my own private practice Encompassing Therapy. Through authentic dialogues, I help individuals grapple with their emotions, find their voice, and discover their inner strength to live life purposefully. Let me guide you in your journey of self-discovery.

Our mission: Adapting Existential Therapy to resonate with the conventional collectivistic culture of Asia and promoting adoption of this psychotherapeutic approach in the region.

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