Group Therapy in Singapore and Asia

Grow together: experience personal and professional development with group therapy.

Overcome the challenges holding you back from becoming your best self.

Authenticity cannot be achieved alone.

You may find yourself wanting to be more authentic. But, we feel pressured to talk a certain way, fulfil a specific role, do a particular thing. To stay real, you resist these pressures. You cut off relationships. You leave toxic environments. Slowly, you find yourself all alone as your social circle shrinks. Is this how being authentic is supposed to be- alone?

To be authentic is to be true to yourself regardless of external pressure. Is that right? Wrong!

Being authentic is not only about being honest, transparent or sincere. In an Asian culture where harmony is gold, is this kind of authenticity even possible? Research shows that authenticity requires connection and a sense of belonging. You want to learn to be more authentic, you need to be in more connection with people, not less.

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Being true to ourselves cannot be achieved alone. To be authentic, we need others.

Intimacy is more than just physical touch. It brings about emotional closeness and joy.

Do you find yourself craving for more attention and connection with others? Do you struggle with getting heard and seen and you are finding this a pattern across your relationships? You may be looking for more intimacy.

Intimacy means feeling close to people in personal relationships, and it’s not just about physical touch.

Emotional intimacy is just as important. We all want and need both emotional intimacy in our friendships and romantic relationships because they help us feel connected and fulfilled.

Intimacy is the bridge which allows us to sustain meaningful and fulfilling connections with others.

Experience: the Catalyst for Personal and Professional Growth!

You are ready for change. You immerse yourself in self-help books. To be successful, you learnt you need to establish a solid morning routine. You need to do this and that. Repeat a new desirable behaviour 21 days and you will have developed a healthy habit. But these habits and routines never worked for you.

If only things were that simple.

Because life does not happen in a vacuum, real change only happens when we learn and experiment with being different with others.

Group therapy is a safe space where you can experiment with new ways of being with yourself and others.

Why do people come to group therapy?

As humans, we are both interconnected and unique. This can clearly be seen in the issues that cause people to seek out group therapy. While the details of how something shows up in your life may differ from that of your   neighbor, the themes themself are universal.

Below is a list of common concerns and simple ways to start addressing them.

I give in when I sense conflict.
Practice saying No.

I wait for others to initiate conversations.
Practice initiating something for yourself

I tend to give advice when I do not know what else to say.
Acknowledge that you want to give advice but refrain from doing it.

I prefer to play it safe.
Allow yourself to play and take some risks

I become passive-aggressive when my needs are not met.
Practice telling others your needs and expectations

I end relationships when I think people are sick of me.
Practice asking for honest feedback from others

It’s never too late to practice a new way of expressing your feelings and interacting with others.

Imagine a place where you can overcome the challenges that hold you back from becoming your best self.

Group therapy expands your capacity to form and sustain meaningful connections with yourself and others. 

In the here-and-now, you get to play and experiment with different ways of being.

More importantly, you are doing this with other like-minded people like you who are just as motivated to develop their personal and professional lives. That’s group therapy – a supportive space to help you achieve the relationships you desire.

Group Therapy is different, but no less powerful than, individual therapy.

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