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Sometimes we feel bored, tired or anxious with our lives—we don’t know why despite living a comfortable existence. Encompassing provides counselling, group therapy and training to address existential crises, so that we can better develop ourselves personally and professionally.

We want to proudly tell ourselves that we are giving our best at living a meaningful and authentic life. Indeed, counselling is not only for those struggling with life, but for all of us who want to develop ourselves to our fullest potential.

Counselling Sessions

This is a safe space where you can feel absolutely and completely free to find your own hope, meaning and peace for yourself, in your own way.

We offer a broad range of psychotherapy and counselling services to cater to your needs. Speak to us about your concerns and let us advise on what will work best for you.

First Therapy Session
$190 per 50 minutes​

The start of your journey to healing. In this Introduction session, you will meet and get to know your therapist, and allow them to get to know you too. This is a good time to get a feel of what working together will be like and if you feel comfortable in the presence of the therapist. The therapist will tell you more about Existential Therapy and what a session is like, as well as field answer any questions you may have about therapy.

You will also get to chance to voice what problems you are facing and the therapist will be able to give you some guidance about how therapy can help.

This session is 50 minutes long and must be booked in advance.

Available in clinic or online.

Individual Psychotherapy / Counselling
$190 per 50 minutes

This is useful to explore problems that you have struggled for years in depth or to address more subtle difficulties. You will also gain tools and resources for increasing self-reflection and to become more empowered at handling difficulties.

It takes a while to reap the benefits of counselling so we will usually encourage you to go through a block of sessions before deciding if counselling is effective. Please speak to us about package deals.

Each counselling session is 50 minutes—usually a weekly session at an agreed day and time.

Available in clinic or online.

Self-care for health care industry professionals
$190 per 50 minutes

Are you in the healthcare, therapy or social services sector? The personal well-being of a carer plays a critical role in their professional development and the people that they serve. We can tackle issues such as burnout, withdrawal, stress, anxiety, numbness to emotions, career transitions and more. Let us help you to better serve your patients.

Are you an employer in these sectors? Speak to us about giving your staff the relief of a listening ear.

Special concession rate for carers: 5% discount

Group therapy

What does it mean to be alive and experience human conditions like meaning, responsibility, freedom, anxiety, uncertainty, life and death?

Group therapy is a useful way to understand these encounters and explore how we relate to others.

If you would like to form your own group or join one, feel free to contact me.

I approached Magdalen in hopes that she could help me navigate my otherwise messy emotions when I first went to her. Being in my 20s I felt very lost and directionless. The pressure I faced from the people around me coupled with my own fear of abandonment, insecurities and anxiety in regard to the future further heightened this feeling of being lost. After being in Therapy for about 2 months (8-9 sessions) I came out with a completely new perspective. I became more comfortable with being myself. I realised that it was ok to feel lost and it was easier for me to figure out that life is a continuous journey of learning and discovering. Along with this I also developed a new way of thinking. I am better able to think more objectively in a way that diffuses my anxiety. Although I am still a work in progress and therapy has ended, the lessons I learnt and the new way of thinking and evaluating that I learnt in therapy is something that will stick with me for a long time.

The best part of coming to Magdalen was that she was able to show me that the answers were within me all along. I needed someone to listen to me while I declutter the mess in my mind. This has far by been the best investment I have made in myself and I plan on continuing therapy in the future. Therapy is by far one of the best investments you can make for the sake of your mental health and for your past, present and future self.
- RS
Individual Therapy Client

Workshops and Trainings

Workshops and trainings are available for corporates, organizations and communities—and can be tailored to specific needs, requirements and timings. There is also a wide variety of topics that can be addressed, such as existential therapy, existentialism, burnout, anxiety, depression, life crises, etc.

Some examples of workshops I have facilitated:

Topic: Dealing with emotions for parents
Client: Singapore General Hospital, Ear, Nose and Throat department

Topic: Awakening a Meaningful Life
Client: Singtel Learning Fiesta at Singtel CommCentre and NCS

Topic: Existential burnout
Client: Big Love, AWWA

Topic: Introduction to Existential Anxiety
Client: Clarity Singapore

To find out more, feel free to contact me.

I have known Magdalen for more than 5 years now. She is a facilitator and presenter of a sexuality education program with Family Life Society, a non-profit organization. 

During those years, I witnessed Magdalen’s creative way of connecting with youth and parents when discussing very delicate topics, such as sexuality. You can’t help but notice how she could skillfully bring teens to be attentive and engaged in a span of 20 minutes or less, entrusting to her their thoughts and emotions. 

It is always very clear that at the end of the facilitation, Magdalen, is able to form a relationship with them, judging from the very good evaluation she gets and the continued engagement with the youths. Her people skills are very consistent, that even when facilitating parents, she is able to acquire their interest and trust. 

Magdalen has a unique way of communicating and connecting with people; she exudes a nice balance of profundity, vulnerability and amiability with people, which endear her to many of them. I wish her continued success, wisdom and joy in every endeavor that she would pursue.
–Hershey Regaya
Programme Manager (2015-2019)
Education & Outreach Department
Family Life Society

Organisations I have worked with

First Therapy Session

Individual Counselling / Psychotherapy Sessions