Existential Trainings and Workshops for Dedicated Healthcare Professionals

Empowering healers & nurturing souls with personal and professional growth.

What do you do when your work hits too close to home?

When you listen to your clients' stories and struggles, do you find yourselves asking the same life questions without clear answers?

Maybe you feel like an imposter or fraud. As you encourage your clients to take steps towards their well-being, you grapple with your own personal challenges. 

Or as you work hard to provide the best care possible, utilizing the resources in your toolbox, you realise your clients need more than just practical interventions. It can be frustrating when you are unable to provide all the answers or solutions.

You question if you are truly making a difference for your clients.

You are a human being with your own vulnerabilities and limitations. It’s okay to feel uncertain or overwhelmed at times. You can also experience your own emotions and struggles while supporting your clients.

Reach Out

Allowing yourself to go into other people’s lives will inevitably raise questions about how you want to live your life.

Embrace an existential attitude for your personal and professional well-being

The first step is to explore and understand the complexities of human existence and experience through an  existential lens. This helps you reframe and rethink questions relating to meaning, purpose, identity, values, and mortality.

At Encompassing, we run existential experiential workshops and trainings to help psychotherapists, social workers, doctors and teachers across modalities and specialisations.

Join our workshops or trainings and learn how to:

  • Deepen your appreciation and understanding of existential issues
  • Enhance your self-awareness
  • Honouring individuality and diversity
  • Integrating existential attitudes into your practice.
  • Becoming a more authentic individual and practitioner
  • Take on an existential attitude in your work and personal life

Personal and professional development can be engaging, dynamic and experiential, in addition to being theoretical and philosophical!

Existential Therapy is a lifestyle, not just a modality.

At Encompassing, we embrace an embodied and experiential approach that focuses on self-exploration to provide the best possible care for yourself and your clients. We believe that to embody the unique approach of Existential Therapy, one must integrate it as their way of being. 

Our approach is not just about clinical skills but also about cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself as a human being.

Through our talks, trainings, workshops we facilitate the deepening of your own attitudes, beliefs and values, and to become more present and connected in your work and life. We empower you to embrace the existential perspective towards a more authentic and fulfilling existence.

Nourish yourself, show up stronger: personally and professionally.

Personal therapy for you.

As therapists and healthcare professionals, you spend each day supporting the wellbeing of others. Yet to serve clients and patients, you must first care for yourselves. 

I relate to how the demands of this work can lead to feelings of burnout, stress, anxiety and emotional numbness if we are not looking after ourselves. The isolation, self-doubt and overwhelm at times can be real.

You need not go it alone.

As fellow healthcare professionals, we look after one another. At Encompassing Counseling, my hope is to give back to those of you who have been caring for others, just as others have done so for me over the years

If you are a healthcare professional or an employer in the sector looking to give your staff the relief of a listening ear, contact us.

As part of our appreciation for the work you are doing, we provide a special concession rate of 5%.

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