Existential Therapy in Singapore, Asia, and Online

Find harmony between freedom and relationships.

Are you feeling lost in life, family, work, or relationships?

Do you make yourself small, simple and unproblematic just to fit in?

No matter how hard you try, it feels like you are never good enough. And, when you follow your dreams, you feel guilty for breaking the peace and harmony … for being different. If one word could sum up how you’re feeling, it would be LOST.
All you ask is for a loved one to reassure you that your feelings are valid. To be seen and heard. Is this too much to ask?
Somewhere inside, you know that you deserve more than your boss, parents, or partner give you credit for. You don’t want to watch your life pass you by — yet, have no energy to live it. What would it be like to just say I’M DOING THINGS MY WAY and know that you are still good enough for myself and others. That’s what we can discover together.

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You don’t have to feel lost and small anymore. Together, we can discover your way to take up more space.

What’s stopping you from moving forward?

You don’t want to just blindly accept the circumstances in your life. But, you don’t trust yourself to make good  decisions. Overanalysing is not amusing. It consumes you from the inside out. In fact, you wonder what you are feeling is even valid and logical. 
  • On good days, you let what your family, friends and colleagues say slide. You accept they crossed boundaries and keep the harmony.
  • On bad daysyou feel angry and frustrated. You sometimes question, “If I am an adult, why am I still being talked down to like I am a child?

You are feeling lost and directionless. Is it too much to ask to be loved and not feel guilty or ashamed over making my own decisions?

Embrace the paradox: thrive in familiarity and discover the new.

Freedom vs relationships - Must it be an either/or?

Have you ever felt the pressure to prioritize your own freedom and independence, achieving things quickly and efficiently? It’s like everyone around you is always talking about how important it is to be autonomous and self-sufficient. But, at the same time, you also crave a sense of belonging and being part of something greater than yourself.
Both freedom and relationships are equally important for your well-being … even if they sometimes clash.
Who says you have to choose? Individuality and connection are basic human needs. Perhaps a better question to ask is, “How can I balance my need for freedom with my desire to build meaningful relationships with others?”

It’s not easy making a transition from an either/or to both/and thinking. But you will not be doing it alone.

You are the greatest expert of your own life.

Your therapist is merely a guide who shines a torch on the blind spots (or what others might call the “unconsciousness”) in your life. In therapy, our journey is not dogmatic nor prescriptive. You will learn to make choices that are true to yourself.

Existential Therapy gives you the freedom to discover yourself.

Mental health is not about eradicating your issues. We cannot escape from our existence even if we wanted to. Just like a tightrope walker, happiness lies not in either end – but, in the tension between our need for freedom and relationships. Existential Therapy helps you find that balance.

Discover how to feel empowered while enjoying meaningful relationships with others at the same time.

Welcome. My name is Dr. Magdalen Cheng. You can call me Mag.

Therapy is a wonderful gift. It’s not just for those who feel helpless. It is for anyone experiencing problems and concerns in their daily life. That is all of us. 

With me, you’ll find a compassionate, experiential and relational approach to your therapy, trainings and workshops. Most of time together will feel free-formed, nudged by the initial topics you bring into the room, but largely guided by our conversations, the observations and comprehensions that emerged along the way.

My care philosophy is not to diagnose, label, or categorise but rather to work with the individual in front of me in the here and now.

Our work together may not always be easy. However, slowly but surely… as I hold space for you and through our collaborative effort, you will begin to become more comfortable within yourself and realise that the answers are within you all along. 

I look forward to becoming more human together with you.

Let’s do this together.

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