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Bespoke workshops and trainings

We provide offerings on different aspects of relational/existential psychotherapy practice, research, and writing. Previous topics include Existential Therapy, existentialism, burnout, anxiety, depression, life crises, and more.

Events are available for corporates, organizations, and communities —and can be tailored to meet your specific needs, requirements, and timings.

To find out more or to plan an event, please contact Dr. Magdalen Cheng directly. 

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Workshop Testimonial

I have known Magdalen for more than 5 years now. She is a facilitator and presenter of a sexuality education program with Family Life Society, a non-profit organization. 

During those years, I witnessed Magdalen’s creative way of connecting with youth and parents when discussing very delicate topics, such as sexuality. You can’t help but notice how she could skillfully bring teens to be attentive and engaged in a span of 20 minutes or less, entrusting to her their thoughts and emotions.

It is always very clear that at the end of the facilitation, Magdalen, is able to form a relationship with them, judging from the very good evaluation she gets and the continued engagement with the youths.

Magdalen’s people skills are very consistent, that even when facilitating parents, she is able to acquire their interest and trust.

She has a unique way of communicating and connecting with people; she exudes a nice balance of profundity, vulnerability and amiability with people, which endear her to many of them. I wish her continued success, wisdom and joy in every endeavor that she would pursue.

~ Hershey Regaya
Programme Manager (2015-2019)
Education & Outreach Department
Family Life Society

Discover how to harness your anxiety into your strength.

Discover how to harness your anxiety into your strength.

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