Know, Own and Act
from your Most Authentic Self

Mental health is not just for those who feel helpless.
It is for anyone experiencing problems and concerns in their daily life.
That is all of us.

How are you feeling?

When we experience life events such as

All these situations may cause you to experience uncertainty, anxiety and depression. These can undermine our ability to reach our fullest potential or result in a loss of meaning in life. At Encompassing, we focus on supporting you through mental health issues that may arise during life events and transitions. This is so that you can get the most out of life.

Feels familiar?

Alone in the World

You are overwhelmed by uncertainty and feel that no one understands you.

Unsettling Emotions

You experience overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety, which leaves you helpless in coping with everyday problems.

in Life

You have a lot to offer to the world but question if your thoughts, emotions and ideas are valued.

Everything is Meaningless

You doubt your purpose in the world and have a sense that problems never improve despite help from family and friends.

You don’t need to go through this alone

Choose from individual counselling, group therapy or workshops to embark on a life of empowerment, clarity and peace.

Individual Sessions

Our counselling therapy sessions (short- or long-term) are a safe space for you to build self-awareness, insight and resilience.

Group Sessions

This is a useful way to understand how you relate to the world and other people. Form your own group or request to join one.

Workshops and Trainings

We provide workshops and trainings on a wide range of topics for organizations and communities, which are tailored to their needs.

Allow us to journey with you as you...

Take charge of your physical, personal, spiritual and social lives.

Get clarity on your difficult circumstances.

Understand and sit more comfortably with your emotions.

Build up inner resources and skills for living the life that you envision.

Our Approach

What is Existential Therapy

Ever heard people mentioning that they are in an “existential crisis”? What exactly do they mean? An existential crisis is the experience of facing life’s big questions, such as, “What is my meaning or purpose in life?”

These questions can be triggered by relationship losses, death of a loved one, quarter- or mid-life crises, life transitions or feeling stuck in life.


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