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The Blah You’re Feeling is Called Languishing

Languishing is not quite depression ... but, it’s not quite flourishing either.

Languishing isn’t burnout — You still have energy.

It’s not depression either — you don’t feel utterly defeated. You just feel somewhat joyless … aimless … empty.

Languishing is the feeling of going through the motions of daily life without much Oomph. Landing yourself in this space could be a result of prolonged stress and uncertainty. 

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Without proper tender loving attention, languishing can turn into depression.

Feeling low can feel like living a hamster wheel of dread,fear, and defeat you can’t seem to get off of. One step forward and sometimes 3 steps back. Think you are fine and bam! You aren’t. You are watching your life pass you by… yet have no energy to live it. It’s an absolute living hell.

As lonely and heavy as life may feel, it’s empowering to know that even though you HAVE depression and you FEEL depressed, you ARE NOT depression.

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in attitude and your relationship with depression changes. Other times, depression sticks around. It’s not going away until you get what it is telling you about your life.

It is okay to not be okay. If all you need is someone to hold the space for you, that is okay too.

If depression has a voice, what will it say to you?

Yes, there are some people who are more physically susceptible to depression. However, depression does not just happen in a vaccuum. It typically appears to tell us something about what is not going right in our lives.

Do any of these ruminations sound familiar to you?

  • What’s my purpose in life?
  • If life is so difficult, am I not better off dead?
  • What makes me alive?
  • Where do I go when I die?
  • What’s my legacy?

These questions have something in common. They are existential questions: asking you to seriously consider what is life worth living? Depression is probably trying to tell you how you are living is not life-giving to yourself or others. It’s asking of you to do something about your life.

While you support the next generation, let us support you.

How can I support you in walking out of this darkness?

Depression sucks. But it’s not useless. It is here to let us know that we cannot continue living the way we do. It is letting us know that we are not living the lives that is meant for us. 

So coping with our depressive symptoms without hearing what its message is for you is missing an opportunity to make our lives more meaningful, intentional and purposeful.

Existential Therapy helps you to not let go of another missed opportunity which often lead to regrets and guilt in life.

Through our collaborative effort, we will not only help you find your own unique way to cope with the ugly symptoms of depression. We walk with you to renew your relationship with depression.

Let us walk with you through this painful period.

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