How to Find the Right Therapist for Yourself

There are decisions you want to make in life but have been stuck making them. You are prepared to embark on your own therapy journey and find a professional who can support you as you make these decisions. However, there are many therapists out there and it's difficult finding the right one! Some of you may have even taken a leap of faith to see a therapist, felt judged by them and stopped returning.

This is yet another decision to make and it mirrors all the other decisions you have to make in your life. You're stuck.

Is this something you relate to ?

This is something we have heard numerous times from our clients and that is why we have our first-session therapy to empower them to make the right decision. They have found it very useful and many has suggested that if only they knew about these earlier!

About this event

In this information sharing session, we will be looking at empowering you to find the right therapist. Therapy can be a deeply satisfying journey of self-discovery and healing that is experienced on your own terms. Healing begins when we know owning our decisions is now a possibility- starting from deciding on the right therapist for ourselves.

Learning Objectives Participants Can Expect From This Event

  • A brief introduction to the different therapy modalities available
  • Areas you can explore on your own before searching for a therapist
  • understanding your philosophy of care and finding a therapist that has a similar philosophy of care?
  • Questions that you can ask their therapist in the consultation sessions that can help that determine the right fit.
  • Experiences to look out for in the consultation that can help you determine if you can click with the particular therapist.

Who Is This Event For?

  • Anyone who wants to and/or considering to look for a therapist that they feel safe to work with.

How May This Event Help Me to Find Right Therapist?

  • Knowing that you have the power and resources to determine your success in finding the right therapist for yourself. Even if you do not end up seeing a therapist, this event will give you insights on what it takes to make good decisions for yourself in different aspects of your life.

Event Details

Date: 14th May 2023

Time: 3:00pm to 4:00 pm - Singapore Standard Time

Fees: Free



The Zoom room for this event will lock 10 minutes after the start time. If you arrive after this time, it will not be possible to admit you to the event.

Looking at Developing Yourself Personally and Professionally in 2023?

A process group is a safe space where the standard rules that govern ‘polite’ social interactions are intentionally put aside so that we can may way for authentic and honest conversations. Different from a support groups and psychoeducational groups, process groups provides a safe environment for us to identify and explore feelings and, practice new, healthier and more intimate ways of relating to others and self.

To find out more about what process groups are, click here!

Who is it for?

This process group is designed for anyone, lay persons or professionals, who is interested in:

  1. building awareness in how their coping mechanisms sabotage their ability to meet a fundamental human need: belonging. 
  2. experimenting with new behaviors that typically feel uncomfortable to try out with people currently in their life. 
  3. learning more about their unique “lens” or “filters.” 
  4. exploring what works or does not work in promoting closeness or intimacy in relationships. 
  5. participating in group relationships that encourages honesty, authenticity, and supportive care. 


No previous experience with any form of group work is required to attend a Process Group. To ensure a meaningful experince , participants are encouraged to come with an open and curious attitude.

What to expect?

After participating, you'll get to learn about the power of a Process Group:

  1. have the chance to re-enter and rediscover ways of being and belonging in a relationship (like bonding with group members).
  2. feel heard, understood and know we are not alone. The experiences of a diverse group give us a variety of views and ways of living that we can resonate and connect to.
  3. Learn to speak to each other from our hearts.
  4. Learn to provide and ask for interpersonal feedbacks in authentic ways.

Upcoming events

2023 dates for the upcoming Preview sessions are out!


Weekly Preview Groups

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Private Preview Groups

If you are interested in organising this Process Group for your teaching, counselling or management teams, contact us today!


A Powerful Tool For Change - Couples Process Groups with Love 99

Encompassing Therapy and Counselling is proud to partner with Love99. this year to promote the importance of meaningful conversations about love. Organised by Singaporeans for Singapore, this is a sports and cultural event where couples walk, learn, celebrate and fund raise as they renew their commitment to one another. To know more about Love 99, check out their website!

As part of our support for this meaningful cause, Encompassing Therapy and Counselling will be organising Couples Process Groups (taster sessions) for the participants. Different from a psychoeducational or support group, Process Groups provide a safe space for people from different walks of life to come together to learn from each other as they learn to identify and explore experiences and practice healthier and more intimate ways of relating to themselves and others. If you want to know more about Process Groups, click here

We currently still have slots for the upcoming taster session on 20th Nov and 4th Dec 2021. Limited spaces available. Sign up now!

See below for more details!


Process Group Preview

Looking for more growth in yourself and with others?

Process Group may be what you need

What is a process group?

Imagine this. A group where the standard rules that govern 'polite' social interactions are intentionally put aside so that we can may way for authentic and honest conversations.

A Process Group is a safe environment for us to identify and explore feelings and, practice new, healthier and more intimate ways of relating to others and self.

What can you gain from it?

  • Experience healthy emotional intimacy in relationships
  • Wider perspectives on how we relate to our inner world and how it's reflected in our relationships with others
  • Heighten awareness of how we may sabotage our connections to others
  • Enhance self-awareness, increasing confidence and develop communications skills

Event Details

Date: 6 and 27 Feb 2021, Saturday

Time: 2pm - 4.30pm

Venue: 69A Pagoda Street, Singapore 059228 (Next to Chinatown MRT Exit A)

Fee: SGD 50/pax Form a group of 3 or more & enjoy a discounted rate of SGD 30/pax

Your Facilitators

Dr Simon Neo
Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP)
Founder of The Psychotherapy Clinic

Magdalen Cheng
Existential Psychotherapist
Founder of Encompassing Psychotherapy and Counselling Pte. Ltd.