Friends at a Distance: Social Strangers, Existential Companions

Portrait of René Magritte

What does it mean to be a friend, much less a good friend? Not that I’m not surrounded by good friends, but I’ve noticed my incapacity to be truly vulnerable with them, even the closest ones. It’s hard to reveal my inner concerns without being prompted first. In this sense, my unsatisfied cravings for intimacy […]

Existential Therapy: Finding the Light in the Darkness

Woman on Beach

You may be thinking, from what I know about existential therapy, it sounds negative, dark, heavy, pessimistic and/or depressing. I’m not sure if it will make my life more depressed and anxious than I already am. It’s true that existential psychology acknowledges the inherent suffering in human existence, but this is not a call to […]

Becoming Human: The Ceaseless Pursuit of Authenticity

Portrait of 2 Different Woman

The Singaporean Student: Robot or Human? I recall vividly—I was 18, when I experienced a meltdown while studying alone in a classroom for my International Baccalaureate exam. I desperately held back my tears, mind dizzy, short of breath, and asked myself: “Why the f*** am I doing this to myself?” That moment was the height […]

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