Tan Kheng Hua was a familiar face in my younger years and for many Singaporean millennials.

I remember growing up and watching her on TV in Masters of the Sea and Phua Chu Kang. She was also in some of my all-time favourite productions by Wild Rice and TheatreWorks: Animal Farm, The Eleanor Wong Trilogy: Invitation to Treat, Beauty World, and Descendants of the Admiral Eunuch.

Reading her recent CNA Lifestyle interview over the New Year’s weekend brought back nostalgic memories. But the real highlight for me was this quote she shared about her living off-grid experience:

“I also feel I don’t just stick to one way of thinking or one way of living; I have experienced many different ways of living. And I really feel that it makes me a more complete person. By the time I leave this world, I want to be as complete and as good as I can be.”

Wow. The timing of this message and its impact on me was spot-on. I couldn’t help but feel that this sums up the New Year energy I’ve been seeking for myself and for everyone else: To have the flexibility, adaptability, curiosity, and, most importantly, acceptance of different ways of being—the seeds to cultivating a healthier and more wholesome sense of self. ❤️

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